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Etch proyek solo instrumental rock dari "D" Opt Paralysis dan Either rilis single perdana "Polynomial" - Seorang gitaris musik keras bernama Dio yang juga menjadi gitaris Opt paralysis, Either, belum lama ini merilis single untuk proyek solo instumental bernama Etch.

Kali ini Etch tidak memainkan musik keras metal atau hardcore, Etch jauh dari kata musik cadas melainkan Etch bermian musik diranah instrumental rock, single yang berjudul "Polynomial" juga menampilkan spoken word dari seorang wanita bernama Chatalia Marchya Moudellene, secara musik Etch memainan musik instrumental 70s digabung dengan influence new wave dan alternative metal, secata tema "Polynomial"berkutat pada keterasingan, keterpurukan, rasa terbakar dan lulu lantak dalam tranformasi hidup tanpa akhir. 


Music by Etch.
Produced by Etch.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by CX Record Cianjur.
Spoken Word by Chatalia Marchya Moudellene.
Released on 1st September 2023

Polynomial is a bleak, desolate opus which encapsulates the odyssey of existence, where one must defiantly confront storms and tempests. Life bestows naught upon us; it demands our sacrificial tribute.

"In shadows deep, where dreams take flight,
An ember's glow fights endless night.
Through trials and storms, it steadfast stands,
A whispered promise, lined in sands.

Beneath the weight of doubt's cruel grasp,
A dove rises, breaks the clasp.
With weary heart and spirit bold,
Refusing fate's grip, stories unfold.

When shadows dance and hope seems frail,
A hidden fire shall prevail.
With every step, a path is traced,
When the fawn rises up, strength embraced"

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