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Wave From Celline - Deathcore Cianjur


Hometown : Cianjur, Jawa Barat - Indonesia
Genre : Deathcore
Member :  Yudha Saputra - vokal, Dhendy Uwem - Guitar/ Backing Vokal, Dacore - Guitar, Basink - Bass, Tama - Drum
Phone : 087721292333 

Started by AUDHY (vocals),invites DHENDY (Guitar) to form a band with DEATHCORE genre,because AUDHY is too busy with his solo career,eventually being replaced by YUDHA (vocals) former SCREAM band vocalis IN SILENT,and YUDHA took TAMA (Drum) and BASINK (Bass) to replace its drummer position first. Thus the WAVE FROM CELLINE.

Website : 
Reverbnation : Wave From Celline